Amish Handmade Rough-Sawn Maple Furniture

Amish Handmade Rough-Sawn Maple Furniture

Our Amish Handmade Rough-Sawn Maple Furniture is a collection of handcrafted Rustic, Country style solid Maple wood furniture. 

Each piece is built by a group of skilled Amish craftsmen and ships directly from there shop in northern Indiana.

The rough-sawn maple furniture is made from originally cut wood, without smoothing or sanding. 

Saw blade marks from the lumber mill are visible on each piece of maple wood to give it a unique look.

These are not your "cookie cutter" pieces like what you find in the "big box" stores.    

It will come to you with attention to detail to give you a piece of quality built furniture to last for many generations. 

Lead time is around 3 months.  This will depend on how many orders are ahead of yours.

Once you receive your furniture, you will see that it was well worth the wait.