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Title:  Granny Janes Wood Shed Country Rustic Primitive Wood Furniture & Furnishings 
Description:  Country Rustic Primitive handmade wood furniture and home decor furnishings made in the USA. 

Antler Lighting
Real Antler Chandeliers is your online antler lighting, antler chandelier, and antler decor store.

Barnwood Furniture
Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture offers American-made reclaimed wood furniture, barnwood furniture, log furniture and other rustic furniture and decor at discount prices accompanied by exceptional customer service.

Cinnamon Dust Homespun Treasures
We design and distribute beautiful country style home decor to make your home sweet home even sweeter. Great gift ideas for yourself or someone special.

Country Rustic and Primitive Home Decor
Granny Jane's Attic is a one stop shop online retailer filled with an ideal mix of country rustic and primitive home decor. Come on over and set a spell, look around and have fun!!

Doll House
Doll house kits from Greenleaf and Real Good Toys. Mr Bean Teddy Bear

Home Decor Accents in Themes and Collections
African Decor, Country Decor, Holiday Decor, Nautical Decor, Oriental Decor, Rustic Cabin Lodge Decor, Ajka Crystal Wine Glasses, Custom Wrought Iron Fireplace Screens, American Made in USA to Order Products. Collectibles

Love My Suds
Luxurious handcrafted goats milk soaps, sugar scrubs and body treats. Made fresh with 100% quality ingredients and exciting fragrant scents.

Oak Flooring
Choose from red and white oak flooring for your home. As a popular hardwood, each is easily sanded, machined, and stained.

Rugs-Braided Rugs-Area Rugs
Granny Jane's Rug Shop is an on-line shop offering country rustic braided rugs and braided table accents!

Rustic Country and Primitive Home Decor
Rustic Country and Primitive Home Decor to give your home a warm and cozy feeling.

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